Paragliding is an activity almost anyone can do, with a tandem flight that is. Being a tandem pilot however takes extraordinary skill, courage and loads of training time. You almost need to have supernatural powers to become a world-class tandem pilot. Turns out all of AlpinAir’s paragliding pilots have exactly that: amazing superpowers! No wonder they are the best paragliding pilots you can find in the whole of Switzerland.

Superhero Paragliding pilots Interlaken - Green Lantern = Marc Herzig


They are fun, fierce and fantastic and they have paragliding Interlaken superpowers. They soar the sunniest skies, fly fantastic and far and on top of that all they are the best that Interlaken paragliding has to offer!
They are AlpinAir’s Interlaken Superhero paragliding pilots and you can fly with them!

There is Angel, Batman, the Black Widow and Colossus who are represented by AlpinAir superhero’s Roberto Caspani, Timmo Marcin, Daniela Iseli and Valentin Gillich.

Then there are Deadpool, Elektra, the Green Lantern and the Hulk who forcefully and gracefully are AlpinAir paragliding superheros Simon Lei, Nicola Woods, Marc Herzig and Sebastien Bourquin.

Then we have got the Invisible Woman, Iron Man, Odin and Raven who are the wicked and wonderful paragliders Nathalie Hänzi, Martin Giller, Urs Mäder and Carolyn Lansdell.

Additional ‚team Alpinair‘ paragliding superheros that soar through the Interlaken skies are Silver Surfer (Yves Waser), Spiderman (Olivier Delacrétaz), Storm (Gery Georgieva) and Superman (Martin Schäfli).
Last but not least are our paragliding Interlaken masters of the sky ‚The Flash‘ (Chrigel Füegi), ‚Wolverine‘ (Pascal Geebelen) and ‚Thor‘ (Lars Eymann).
So which superhero paragliding pilot do you want to fly with?