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Sunny days in Interlaken are awesome. The snowcapped Jungfrau Top of Europe mountain backdrop combined with the emerald blue lakes creates a unique visual spectacle unheard of. Imagine now seeing all that from a birdseye view, soaring high up through the sky while the snowcapped mountains reflect the pure sunrays and the lakes reflection has a diamant glitter to it. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

Soar into the Sun A stunning Interlaken paragliding perspective (4)



The view from Interlaken’s Harder Kulm is a classic on a sunny day. It is easily accessible with the Harderbahn funiculaire and the views are simply magnificient from the ‘Top of Interlaken’. Equally impressive are the crowds and throngs of people all vying for the best view. What better than avoiding all those other people by enjoying the magnificient views from high above while soaring the Interlaken sky during a paragliding flight.

With every turn the view changes……

You see the world famous snowcapped Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau mountains coming ever closer…..

The lakes glitter like a diamant….

Their is a gentle breeze that makes you feel alive…

You soar quietly through the sky while eagles and other birds circle around you….

You are the master of the sky….and suddenly the whole world is at your feet….below your feet actually.


Soar into the Sun A stunning Interlaken paragliding perspective (3)

Gazing across the lake of Thun you see the impressive silhouette of the Niesen mountain, aptly nicknamed the Swiss pyramid…

It is stunning….it is unbeatable…..and it is definitely one-of-a-kind!

Fly with one of Alpinair’s superhero paragliding pilots and you will have the time of your life!