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Paragliding is an activity accessible to almost anyone. Kids from the age of five and older can enjoy the thrills of flying like a bird and we can guarantee you judging by the giant smiles on their face every time we take to the skies.

Paragliding with kids Interlaken big smiles (Icarus) - CopyPARAGLIDING WITH KIDS, A DREAM COME TRUE

Every kid has dreamed about being able to fly. Be it like a bird, while wearing tights and a cape like superman or just like the pilot of an airplane. We have all had these amazing distant dreams when we were young.
For kids these dreams are still fresh and alive and making them come true really does turn them into the superhero of their own life.
Paragliding with kids Interlaken big smiles thumbs up - Copy
You just have to look at the smiles that show up on their brimming faces when they fly through the Interlaken skies and you know that paragliding with kids is just priceless!

Paragliding with kids is literally fireworks in the sky!!