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We have all dreamed about that moment when we are soaring through the sky, flying like a bird or gliding like a eagle closing in to it’s nest. It is one of those ultimate fantasies that seem unreachable and too far-fetched. Not in Interlaken, Switzerland’s adventure travel capital and the paragliding capital of the world!

Paragliding in Interlaken must do activity


No matter from which direction you come, arriving in Interlaken, you will firstly notice the gorgeous mountains, but secondly (and unmissable) you’ll see the dozens of paragliders flying through the sky high above town and the surrounding mountain peaks. No matter if you look North, in the direction of Interlaken’s home mountain the Harder Kulm, or South, towards the towering Schynige Platte (backed up by the stunning Jungfrau) you will see paragliders floating through the sky.

Paragliding in Interlaken full sky must-do activity Switzerland adventure travel capital

Arriving by train at the Interlaken West or East train station you get the impression they are flying so low you can touch them.. but where would they land you wonder?
You get off the train and follow the string of paragliders soaring over the town center.. and step-by-step you close in on the epicenter of Interlaken Paragliding: the Höhematte! This grassy, green and very open park is located right in the middle of town and is the landing field for the uncountable paragliding fans that fly daily through Interlaken’s sky.

Paragliding interlaken landing field Höhematte

Interlaken’s Höhematte is the landing field for all the happy paragliders that dot the sky


You stand around the Höhematte landing field for some time and observe all the happy faces landing right next to you. You stroll around the park watching them coming from every angle possible. You might even go for a drink or something to eat on one of the terraces surrounding the big field. And then you know it: “I must go paragliding in Interlaken, it just looks so awesome”. And you are right because soaring through the sky, flying like a bird or gliding like a stork closing in on its nest is a once in a lifetime experience, and must-do activity!

Paragliding interlaken....and suddenly the whole world is at your feet!

Paragliding interlaken….and suddenly the whole world is at your feet!


Happy Interlaken paragliders!

Happy Interlaken paragliders!