Arriving in Interlaken is an overwhelming experience. The moment you enter the plains between the lake of Thun, the lake of Brienz and the overwhelming mountains on every other side of the town you just can’t be not impressed! It is truly mesmerizing. But with all this beauty and mountain viewpoints to explore the question we most often get is: “Where exactly is the best viewpoint in Interlaken?“


In the Interlaken and Jungfrau region you can scale dozens of mountains and viewing platforms ranging from the top of Interlaken at the Harder Kulm, the top of tradition at the Schynige Platte, the Top of Europe at the Jungfraujoch or the Schilthorn, the peak of James Bond 007 fame. Each has its own unique and gorgeous view over some of Switzerland’s highest mountains. But each of those peaks limit you to a static view from one point. As beautiful these point of views are, they can’t compete with a true bird’s eye view. Literally imagine the view of a soaring bird, gliding through the skies, the wind and sun beaming in your face, with ever changing viewpoints while turning left or right at will. Well this is Interlaken’s best view. And you can get it too….


Paragliding is the ultimate bird’s eye view experience. It is non-motorized, smooth, easy accessible, heaps of fun and most of all it gives you by far the best view of all that stunning scenery! It literally allows you to experience flying like a bird, while gazing at the world beneath you and taking in those views. Paragliding in Interlaken is a once in a lifetime experience everyone should enjoy. And before you know it, gradually and then suddenly, there is the whole world at your feet!

Let us show you the world from above and book a paragliding flight with alpinair Interlaken.