Loving Paragliding in Interlaken is an inevitable virus you catch when you first hit the skies of Interlaken. It is a combination of the love and passion for paragliding and a love and passion for the magical scenery of Interlaken. Put them together and you get the ultimate Interlaken Paragliding Love!!!

Learn it, love it, live it…in those steps you go from novice paraglider to a pilot that gets hooked for life. The flying bug catches one quickly notably in Interlaken where on any sunny day the sky is dotted with dozens of paragliders. Come try it, we will promise you will love it =)

Interlaken paragliding love heart wow amazingFALLING IN LOVE WITH PARAGLIDING IN INTERLAKEN

It only takes one flight to fall in love with paragliding in Interlaken. It already starts on the drive up towards the take off. The drive up allows you to get an ever increasing view of the snowcapped mountains and gazing out of the car window you see some flashes of the emerald blue lakes that just seem straight out of a movie.

Then you walk to the take off and when the terrain slowly opens itself up you get presented with the most majestic of views onto the snowcapped Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau mountains that the crown jewels of the Alps.

Your pilot guide prepares you for the flight… start running ….and slowly, then suddenly, Interlaken, and the whole world, is at your feet!
Then you realise this is pure bliss…the purest bliss
This is pure Interlaken Paragliding LOVE!
So come fly with AlpinAir Paragliding Interlaken and have a unique experience with the risk of falling in love???….in love with paraglding in Interlaken!!
Interlaken paragliding love heart wow