Interlaken the paragliding capital of the world has an unbeatable attraction for travellers from around the world. If you do it well you eat there, you sleep there and you paraglide there. And while it is so amazing almost everyone wishes they could instantly repeat it.

Eat Interlaken

When in Rome do like the Romans, so when in Switzerland do like the Swiss. According to that mantra one has to try a Swiss Cheese fondue in a unique place like the Fondue Villa & Garden. Sit down in the garden of a 1901 Swiss villa with direct views of the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau, play outdoor garden games before, after or during your meal and savour a cheese fondue with plenty of sides & dippers. Alternatively try an ice cream or chocolate fondue or just grab a beer and play some rounds of stump, giant jenga, cornhole or xxl mikado. Lots of fun and good food guaranteed at the Fondue Villa & Garden.

Sleep Interlaken

The adventurous souls visiting Interlaken should sleep in the comfortable, stylish and affordable Adventure Hostel or Adventure Guesthouse Interlaken. The Adventure Hostel Interlaken is housed in a giant Swiss mansion that got fully renovated some years ago. All rooms have ensuite toilets & showers, there is an all-you-can-eat breakfast included plus each room has direct mountain views. Add a nice garden, super helpful staff and a good social vibe to it and you will want to book one their private or dormitory rooms straight away.

The adventure guesthouse is a slightly smaller Interlaken Bed & Breakfast just around the corner from the Interlaken West train station with amazing double rooms that face the Jungfrau mountain. Great complementary breakfast and daily housekeeping making it a great pick for families and couples.

Paraglide Interlaken

The must do activity in Interlaken is paragliding, no question about it. On entering the village by train or car you will inevitably see the sky full of paragliders circling around each other in a graceful and rhythmical manner. The huge emerald green lakes, glacial and snowcapped mountains plus numerous grassy Alps make for a picture perfect backdrop to take to the sky and enjoy the world from above. Paragliding will show you Interlaken and Switzerland from a magnificent perspective in a peaceful and enjoyable manner.

Alpinair is one of the oldest and most experienced paragliding companies in Interlaken and makes for the perfect partner to make this dream come true. Soar into the sun, go paragliding with kids (smiles guaranteed) or spread your wings and fly into the endless sky, Alpinair makes it possible.

Repeat Interlaken

Once you have visited Interlaken and spent a day there you definitely will want to repeat it. Maybe fly again or pick one of the multitude of other Interlaken adventures that are sure to entertain you for days to come.