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Paragliding pilot


My name is Daniela, I startet paragliding when I was 20 and work as a professional pilot since 2015. In 2019 I got mother of a little girl, my 2nd big love next to my job!

With my first paragliding flight I got addicted right away! I flew competitions, acrobatics and travelled many countries with my glider. Since I am a mum my life got a little more quiet, but paragliding is still my passion and I really enjoy every flight!
Paragliding pilot


My name is Lars Eymann, I've been paragliding for over 10 years . I've had the pleasure to fly with awesome passengers from all over the world for the past 4 years. Sharing our beautiful region from above is what I love doing !

Like most other pilots I already dreamed of flying as a kid. I will never forget the moment I took off the ground for the first time , I didn't want to come back down! Ever since, flying has put a smile on my face and made me happy! I would love to share this beautiful feeling with you.
Paragliding pilot


I have been flying since 1997 and professionally since 2007 . It is amazing way to discover the landscape from above and my goal is to explore as much as I can . Why to walk when you can fly

I have been flying since 1997 and professionally since 2007 . It is amazing way to discover the landscape from above and my goal is to explore as much as I can . Why to walk when you can fly
Paragliding pilot


My name is Olivier Delacretaz
I am born in 1981.
I'm flying since 2005 and I have done over 7000 flight ✈️

I have traveled the world to find the perfect spot to free myself like a bird. From my childhood I had followed my father with remote controls.
My passion for this sport bring me to an other world that make me living the dream every day.
For 11 years I share unbelievable experience with people.
Paragliding pilot


Pascal Geebelen, born in 1975 and airborne since spring 1997, I’ve done about 8000 tandem flights Spoken languages: French, English, Swiss German/German and a little Spanish.

I got hooked to paragliding in Geneva, during the spring of 1997! Flying quickly became an obsession, spending all my free time in the air... A few years later I was ranked among the 20 best acrobatic pilots in the world. But that was when I was young and crazy, twenty years later the passion is still here and is now expressed in the sharing of this long experience with my lovely passengers.
Since I got my professional pilot license in 2003, which allows me to take you guys to the sky with me, I have landed about 8000 smiling tandem guests, mostly in Switzerland and Nepal.
I am fluent in French, English and Swiss German, and can easily handle flights in German or Spanish!
Why do I fly??? A bird would answer: “Because I can!” 😋
Paragliding pilot


Paragliding pilot


Hi, i‘m Roberto, most call me Robby, and i’ld love to share my passion for the sky with you, no matter if you‘re 5 or 75.

I started hang gliding in 1976 and paragliding in 1988. Up to today my enthusiasm to travel the skies with all kinds of toys, hang gliders, paragliders and wing suits is unbroken. Flying has taught me a lot for life, like „always look for the good updrafts and spend as little time as possible in downdrafts“.
Grab the opportunity; let’s do a unforgettable flight together. You‘ll discover why birds sing.
Paragliding pilot, Marketing developer


paragliding pilot Marc
Paragliding Instructor & pilot


My name is Marc Herzig, born 1969, paraglider pilot since 1989,
Tandem pilot for 25 years and I have been enjoying about 12'000 tandem flights since then.

Ever since I was a child, I've been crazy about flying. I started with model airplanes at the age of 12 and after the age of 24 I only wanted to fly! I made this decision 26 years ago and I have never regretted. I am still happy about every flight in our wonderful area on this wonderful planet!